Party with the Pits

I visited C.A.R.L. (Canine Adoption and Rescue League) today, who are hosting a “Party with the Pits” event this weekend (Oct 26-27 2012)

I was notified of the event by my favorite rescue, AFLAR (All For Love Animal Rescue) who board some of their rescues at C.A.R.L.

As I strolled around the shelter with AFLAR’s Kathleen, I looked at all the dogs there, waiting for someone to adopt them. These dogs are safe from euthanasia, but they need to be adopted now, or at least find a place in a foster home, so the valuable space they occupy can be used to save more dogs from the local high kill shelters where even more great dogs are on death row; their days being numbered.

Three dogs in particular caught my attention:


Princess, ready to play

Princess is about a year old. Friendly, energetic and a really affectionate dog. She would be great in a family setting, and just needs love and attention.


Shiva, an really mellow and sweet Pit

A pretty brindle pit, about 2 years old. Very friendly, mellow and calm.

Finally, a dog that really grabbed at my heart.


Blew – a great senior pit gentleman

Blew is an older dog. He’s about 8, and Kathleen told me that he’d really never had a happy, secure home. He’s very friendly, but would be best in a home where he would be the only dog. He’s not dog aggressive, but wants his own space. He gazed at me with a little caution, but walked over to me, wagging his tail slowly. Once he decided I was a friend, he just leaned against me, wanting more petting and rubs. He’s just sad. He needs a home. He’d probably be happiest in a low activity home, with a couple of walks per day, and the ability to adopt a couch and spend his remaining years in comfort and being loved. What a great dog. Look at this guy’s face…

In search of a couch

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month. If you have the space in your home and your heart, please consider adopting one of these lovable, silly, loyal dogs.

One Response to “Party with the Pits”

  1. I was a C.A.R.L. volunteer Saturday, and am happy you could stop by to see all the hard work being done to save the many bully dogs on site. Please stop by at our “Party ” next year, and help us get the word out. I actually adopted my pit mix Saturday! Baby is her name. How’s that for a fierce name!

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